Cost of Living


How much does it cost to live and study as a student in Slovenia? Here are some average student costs to give you an idea. The prices are average across the country so they can be used as a rough guide for your budget planning.

Living in a student dormitory in Slovenia is cheaper than living in private accommodation, however, it means you will share a room in most cases.

AccommodationLjubljanaMariborPrimorskaNova Gorica
Student dormitories€120 – €250€100 – €170€190120-170€
Private flats – double bed room (excluding expenses)€150 – €200€90 – €120€150 – €250150-180€
Private flats – single bed room (excluding expenses)€200 – €350€120 – €150€200 – €300150-180€

Another cost you might come across is transportation around the city. The cheapest way to get around is to walk, but this could take a while for longer distances. Another option is to buy an old bike. Prices are around €30 – €50, depending where you buy it. Make sure you also buy a bike lock, because bike theft in Slovenia is  quite widespread. 

You can also use public transport in all the university cities.

TransportationLjubljanaMariborNova GoricaPrimorska
Single ticket€1.3 (90 minutes)€1.1€/€0.5 (one ride)1,3€€0.8 (one ride)
Monthly ticket€20 (student)€26.525€€10 (student)
Taxi€0.8 – €1.1 per KM + €1 starting rate

Students mainly eat in restaurants by using food coupons, so the prices are really cheap. However, the prices vary between cities and restaurants. The Republic of Slovenia contributes €2.63 per meal and the rest of the price is paid by the student. The highest price that a student has to pay after submitting a food coupon is €4.37 and the lowest price is €0 (sandwiches).

Since restaurants offer such great value for students, the majority do not cook at home. If you decide to do so, here are some typical supermarket prices:

Apples (1 kg)€1.3Onions (1 kg)€0.8
Bananas (1 kg)€1.2Potatoes (1 kg)€0.7
Beef (1 kg)€8Rice (500 g)€1.5
Beer can (0.5 l)€1.1Salt (1 kg)€1
Chicken (1 kg)€6.6Sugar (1 kg)€1
Eggs (12)€2Tomatoes (1 kg)€1.7
Lettuce (1 head)€1Vodka (1 l)€10-15
Milk (1 litre)€0.9Water, bottled (1.5 l)€0.6
  Wine (1 l)€4