Academic Calendar and Deadlines


Academic Calendar

In Slovenia the academic year begins in October and lasts until the end of September in the following year.

It is divided into two semesters:

  • the winter semester usually runs from October to January and
  • the summer semester from February to the middle of July.

The organisation of studies is defined within a study programme.

According to the Higher Education Act undergraduate study programmes last for 30 weeks in the academic year and comprise the minimum of 20 and the maximum of 30 hours of lectures, seminars and exercises per week. If your programme also includes practical training then it can last up to 42 weeks per academic year but your total workload will not surpass 40 hours per week.

In some cases, studies can also be organised part-time, which means that the organisation and the time schedule of the lectures, seminars and exercises is adapted to the needs of students, who are unable to attend the studies full-time (for example, because they are employed).


The calls for enrolment in undergraduate and postgraduate study are normally published for:

  • first level (Bachelor) and comprehensive master study programmes (medicine, veterinary science etc.) at the beginning of February at the latest,
  • master study programmes usually in March or at the beginning of June at the latest,
  • doctoral study programmes at the beginning of March at the latest.

Be sure to check for other deadlines in the call for enrolments:

  • when special talents, abilities and skills tests will take place, if they present a requirement for you to enroll in the study programme,
  • until what deadline attachments on documentary evidence, if the call for enrolment requires it, must be sent,
  • whether you have to pass a Slovene language exam prior to the enrolment in the first year and similar.