Doctoral level


The application for enrolment in public and private higher education institutions in Slovenia (faculties,professional colleges, academies), i.e. in undergraduate and postgraduate study programmes is implemented electronically via the eVŠ online Portal.

Submission of the application on the eVŠ online portal

You can submit your applications for admissions in two ways:

  1. with a qualified digital certificate, i.e. electronic signature by the end of the application deadline. You do not need to send the printed application form by registered post. You must only send by registered post all the supplemental documents that are required by the enrolment conditions (do not forget to write the reference number of the application for enrolment on the appendix, the address must be the same as on the sent application for enrolment).
  2. electronically on the eVŠ without the qualified digital certificate with username and password. Once you fill out your application form you must print, sign and send it by registered post with all the supplemental documents by the application deadline set by the call for enrolment of the  designated higher education institution (the address is written on the upper left corner of the printed application form).

Before filling out the application for enrolment, you should verify in the call for enrolment whether you fulfil the conditions for the enrolment in the desired study programme and which criteria are considered in the case if enrolment is limited (i.e. when the number of applications exceeds the available number of enrolments). Additional information is available on the website of the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport of the Republic of Slovenia and at higher education institutions. 

Here are on-line instructions for registering and first login on the web portal eVŠ:

Information on study programmes

The available enrolments are published in the call for enrolment, issued by the university or an independent higher education institution for their study programmes. Separate calls for enrolment for undergraduate and postgraduate study programmes are published separately, i.e. for full-time an part-time study. European Union member countries citizens may apply for enrolments that are intended for the citizens of the Republic of Slovenia, while the non-EU countries citizens and Slovenians without Slovenian citizenship may apply for enrolments for foreigners.

The calls for enrolment in postgraduate study are normally published as follows:

  • doctoral study programmes at the beginning of March at the latest.

Candidates should check other deadlines in the call for enrolments:

  • when special talents, abilities and skills tests will take place, if they present a requirement for enrolment in the study programme,
  • until what deadline attachments on documentary evidence, if the call for enrolment requires it, must be sent,
  • whether candidates have to pass a Slovene language exam prior to the enrolment in the first year and similar.

Sending applications and attachments

The address for sending an application for enrolment and other attachments is indicated in the left upper corner of the application form. Candidates who already have school certificates acquired abroad, shall send certified copies of the final school certificate, the certificates for the final two secondary school years, translations of certificates, certified copy of an identification document and a decision on recognition for the purposes of continuing education or a decision on the academic recognition of a foreign school certificate until the date that is determined in accordance with the call for enrolment. Candidates, who have not yet finished secondary school, shall send the application for enrolment without attachments and certificates on secondary school education should be sent subsequently.