Travel Opportunities

Slovenia’s small size means that it’s perfectly possible to ski or hike in the mountains in the morning and sunbathe at the coast in the afternoon (or vice versa if you prefer!). Not only that, but you can also easily reach any of the four countries which have borders with Slovenia; Croatia, Austria, Italy and Hungary. Therefore, there are endless possibilities for travelling both within, and outside of, Slovenia.

Slovenia has three international airports, however, the majority of flights are from/to Ljubljana’s Jože Pučnik airport, which offers scheduled flights to numerous European destinations, as well as charter flights during summer. Within just a couple of hours you can also reach several major hub airports such as Venice, Vienna and Munich, from where you can fly to destinations around the world, as well as other smaller airports such as Klagenfurt and Graz (Austria), and Trieste (Italy).

Roads and motorways in Slovenia are, in the main, excellent and easy to navigate. For driving on motorways you must purchase and display a vignette (vinjeta) before, or as soon as, you enter the country. Don’t forget, as the fines can be hefty!

The public transport system in Slovenia is well developed. If you are reliant on public transport then buses are the best, or in many cases the only, way to reach some areas of the country. Bus services are run by a number of different companies.

Slovene railways operate a reliable and affordable way to travel around the country. Journeys by train are usually cheaper than by bus. However, particularly over longer distances, journey times can often be quite lengthy. Most major towns can be reached by train, and international trains also travel to neighbouring countries.

During the summer you can take a boat from Izola to Venice. The catamaran – Prince of Venice – takes about three hours, reaching Venice late morning and returning early evening so it makes an ideal day-long sightseeing trip.


Here are just some of the must see sights in Slovenia: