Natural poetry written in stone – Karst


On the first glance, the barren and naked landscape offers little to the passing visitor’s eye but the reality of this part of Slovenia lays in fantastic sculptures made of limestone, vast underground chambers full of gems and crystals, disappearing lakes and rivers – a living museum of Karst. This region entails rich history and forms an important part of our country.

Slovenia is a karstic land, and it was the Slovenian Karst that lent its name to karst landscapes and phenomena across the world, for it was here that scientists first explained numerous karst features.

The spirit of Karst is reflected in local cuisine – cured meat dried by harsh winter winds (Karst pršut) and red wine drown out of strong red earth (Karst Teran). The Karst boasts a pleasant climate all year round, allowing you to explore different hiking trails or go cycling, horseback riding or even play a round of golf.

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