Erasmus+ Programme – Europe’s Success Story


Every year the programme brings together students and staff from various countries, enabling all an unforgettable international experience. For many exchange period represents the time of their life. Experiencing different life style, culture, study habits, being part of a colorful study and staff ensemble, every person returns home changed. Motivated to do something more, better, meaningful, having made new friends and becoming more aware, independent, tolerant, open and resilient. Having gained new professional, linguistic, personal, IT, intercultural and many other skills that shape a person. Once studies are finished, employers will be appreciating someone having spent his study, training and living in another culture, becoming many times also an important link between countries.

Students and staff that have experienced Erasmus+ become motivators and role models for others, perhaps lacking a bit of decisiveness or courage. It certainly is not easy to leave home, family, friends and everything known but coming back home with an important life changing experience, certainty pays off the fear and worry.

In these unprecedented times, students and staff remain motivated to continue with physical mobility, even if it means a combination with virtual. They all agree that nothing can replace physical exchange, meeting others in person and getting the whole experience with one’s all senses. We all look forward to a bright future of international mobility, cooperation, partnerships, exchange of ideas, practices, knowledge and mutual growth. And we believe it will gain even more importance and recognition.

Erasmus+ programme in Slovenia:

The info concerns all of the concluded Erasmus+ projects.