Briefly about the Aliens Act


At its session on 28 May 2021, the National Assembly officially confirmed the consolidation of the text of the Aliens Act (Ztuj-2-UPB9, publised on 7th of June 2021 in the Official Gazzete no. 91/2021) which includes the Act Amending the Aliens Act (ZTuj-2F) published on 12nd of April 2021, in the Official Gazette no. 57/2021. 

The original article 44 of the Aliens Act regulates the temporary residence permit for the purpose of study, now has 2 additional paragraphs and 5 additional sub-articles 44.a, 44.b, 44.c, 44.č and 44.d have been added.  

Article 44a regulates student mobility, Article 44b regulates the residence of students for the purpose of seeking employment or self-employment, Article 44c regulates the readmission of researchers, students and family members of researchers, Article 44c regulates temporary residence permits for voluntary work and Article 44.d, which regulates a single permit for the purpose of performing an internship. 

Biggest change that effects many foreign students is compliance with the condition of proof of sufficient means of subsistence (33. article). The interpretation of the article by Ministry of the Interior is: “If financial resources of parents or legal representative are provided on a regular monthly basis and are equal to or exceed of the amount of the basic amount of the minimum income per person employed in the Republic of Slovenia (currently 402,18 EUR monthly), then foreign student gives proof of receipt of these funds, for the month of applying for residence permit or for the month before the application for residence permit is submitted (only one, the last month of the source received) or the month in which the competent authority decides on the application.In practice, this would mean that if the parents are employed and receive a salary, the foreign student submits, to the application for the permit, the employment contract of the parent from which the amount of salary is provided and a statement from the bank  account to which the parents receive their salary. However, if only source of funds are funds in the transaction account of the student’s parents or legal representative, then the amount of these funds must be sufficient for the period of validity of the study permit. In that case the parents or legal representative demonstrate sufficient means of subsistence both by salary as with the funds in the account and additionally with other sources, then all sources of funds are taken into account. If the sum of assets equal to or higher than the basic amount of the minimum income in the Republic Slovenia, it is considered that the foreigner (student) meets the condition of sufficient funds.” 

Simplified: you don’t have to have 4.021,8 EUR for 10 month study on the bank account in order to get temporary residence permit, but proof your parents get at least 402,18 eur monthly income.