Study in Slovenia FB Live for Macedonia


Welcome all young Macedonian people interested in studying or doing an exchange in our beautiful, safe country where being a student is a truly unique experience!

Enjoy the quality of live, education and spend your time in the international student enviroment of our university cities. There are many programmes and institutions to choose – we have 4 universities and more than 50 higher education institutions – have a lok at our website.

Every year more and more programmes, particularly at master and PhD level are implemented in English language, but there are many options to learn Slovene.

Join us for this first live session for Macedonia and hear all you need to know before making the decision, finding the right programme and coming to Slovenia!

See you on Friday, April 6th at 2PM. The seession will be held in Ensligh and before the event, we will make a presentation,  in both English and Macedonian.


In order to get more information from those Macedonians already studying or doing an exchange at University of Ljubljana have a look at Student Impressions

Presentation for the FB live for Macedonia.