The first doctoral study programme in Nursing Care in Slovenia


The development of the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Maribor, since its foundation has been very intense. The Faculty follows the trends of modern education, scientific research and professional work in nursing and health care.

Alongside with the undergraduate study in the field of nursing care, the Faculty also developed master’s degree programs in study fields of nursing care (Nursing Care, Emergency Situations in Health Care, Gerontological Nursing Care, Preventive Nutrition and Clinical Dietetics), Bioinformatics (in partnership with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Informatics, University of Maribor), and, in partnership with the Faculty of Organizational sciences, University of Maribor, the study programme Management in Health and Social Organization.

As it is evident from the University of Maribor mission and vision statement, our goal is to become a leading and recognizable institution, comparable with educational institutions in the EU.

Up to now, it was not possible to prepare and implement a doctoral 3rd-cycle study programme in the field of nursing care in Slovenia. Many higher education institutions in the field of nursing care in Europe are facing the same problem. Until now, students and graduates who wanted to continue their scientific research path in the field of nursing care had no such possibilities.

Call for Application into Postgraduate Study Programmes of the University of Maribor for the Academic Year 2016/17 is published on the website of the University. The important deadlines: 

  • 1st application period: from publication of the Call to 18 August 2016 at the latest
  • 2nd application period: If vacant places are not filled in the first application period, university members will publish a list, and candidates will be able to apply in the second application period from 14 September 2016 to 16 September 2016 at the latest.