Information for Foreign Students – Updates on Corona Virus in Slovenia

Please read the latest information regarding studying in Slovenia in the current situation and follow the instructions.


Studying in Times of Quarantine

North Macedonia
UNIVERSITY OF LJUBLJANA: "Finally, even in spite of the crisis, this mobility so far is turning out to be a great chance for me as a student, to not only learn new things, but also to retrieve some knowledge of things which I have been studying at my home university in Skopje a few years back, but which inevitably went pale with time." Read more


UNIVERSITY OF MARIBOR - Donathan Lawrence Brown is a young American in Europe, a Fulbright visitng professor at the University of Maribor. Read more


UNIVERSITY OF NOVA GORICA - “Good things may happen to those who wait, but the best things happen to those who try and dare to meet challenges” Read more


UNIVERSITY OF LJUBLJANA - I am extremely satisfied with the quality of my programme and extracurricular activities provided at the University of Ljubljana – these two segments were crucial in my decision to continue education there. I would absolutely reccomend the University of Ljubljana, because I believe it is a place where you can learn a lot, get a good references; but also have fun and gain new friends. Read more


UNIVERSITY OF LJUBLJANA - I would describe my experience at the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana with the following words – diversity, quality and proximity. Read more


UNIVERSITY OF LJUBLJANA - I would recommend this kind of exchange program to every student, I think it’s something that we all should have in our experience because it can bring so many new things, habits, contacts in your life, and of course sweet memories. Read more


Slovenia declared world’s first green country

Slovenia has become the world's first country to be declared a green destination, based on an assessment by the Netherlands-based organisation Green Destinations. Read more

Slovenian language is diverse in dialects

Slovenian language is one of the smallest Slavic languages, but it's one of the most diverse in terms of dialects. Most believe that there are close to 50. Read more