This time last year I had the opportunity to go to Slovenia for one semester for master studies. I was in Ljubljana at Faculty of Arts, at the department for Pedagogy and Andragogy. The first impression after arrival was really positive, because everything was really well organized, I have finished the whole administration process in two days, even though I know that on some programs students can wait for this for few weeks. All papers that I needed before arriving I got few months earlier, so I had more than enough time to prepare everything. This experience was really important for me for more reasons; I had the opportunity to meet different nations, hear about different cultures, customs and traditions, which was new for me, since I come from a homogenous environment. Besides that, I learnt about Slovenian educational system, I saw how the science that I’m studying is conceptualized, I could compare teaching methods and make parallels between the two educational systems.

Of course this experience would not be complete, if there was no student travelling. I have visited many places in Slovenia, which is definitely a country worth visiting. It is a small and beautiful country that has everything: lakes, seaside, mountains, rivers, forests, and everything is beautifully maintained. Even when you wish to visit some other country, Slovenia is on such a good location so everything is really close: Italy, Austria, Germany, Croatia, and I have visited some places in those countries as well.

General impression of the CEEPUS student exchange is that it is a significant experience for the youth, it helps them develop not just professionally, but primarily personally, it gives them opportunity to make new contacts, friendships, to become more independent and also to gain new habits. In conclusion I can just add other perks of being in Slovenia: I finally started using bike as a way of transport and I became more eco-conscious, by seeing the great example there, where everything is based on the values of a green culture 🙂 . I would recommend this kind of program to every student, I think it’s something that we all should have in our experience because it can bring so many new things, habits, contacts in your life, and of course sweet memories.

Milica Djuricic