My experience of studying at the University of Ljubljana started in 2013, when I spent a semester at the Law Faculty there, as part of Erasmus exchange. At that time, I was a law student on my final year at the Law Faculty, University of Rijeka.

Law programme, as I attended it in Rijeka, was designed to last 5 years as a whole, meaning that I couldn’t do separate Bachelor’s degree there and then do a Master somewhere else, what I wished to do. So I obtaned my Master’s degree in Rijeka. I desperately needed to study more, since I finished all my academical obligations on time and everything passed so quickly, leaving a feeling inside of me which pointed that something still lacked. For me personaly, it was pointless to do a second Master, so after I finished my Master’s studies in Law, I decided to do a PhD in International Law at the Faculty of Law, University of Ljubljana.

I am extremely satisfied with the quality of my programme and extracurricular activities provided at the University of Ljubljana – these two segments were crucial in my decision to continue education there. The Ljubljana’s Chair of International Law is, in my opinion, the best in this field in the region. It produces a lot of awarded and successful law students (e.g. Ljubljana teams every year win highest places at the prestigious Jessup Moot Court), and it is worldwide known for top speakers at the conferences (e.g. biannual conferences on R2P and environmental law). Excursions, numerous conferences, workshops, debate tournaments, and many more – these events were something exciting for me, as I was not really used to see them at the University of Rijeka – especially not in that big extent.

I didn’t have any difficulties becoming accustomed to the life in Ljubljana. One of the nicest things of this city is that, unlike other capitals, it is rather a tiny one – but it still has everything. It was quite common for me to run into some colleague or a friend in the city trolley or at the Prešeren square. Ljubljana is a good place to meet new interesting people too – some of my favourites places include cafés at Ljubljanica river, Metelkova, Kongres-square, Cat café, Top club, BTC shopping mall etc.

Furthermore, my PhD studies – and consequently – my expertise in the field, actually helped me in professional sense, providing me a good reference for my further career, what lead to getting a dream job at the International Criminal Court in the Hague.

To conclude – I would absolutely reccomend the University of Ljubljana, because I believe it is a place where you can learn a lot, get a good references; but also have fun and gain new friends.

Marina Žagar