Who needs it?

Non-EU, EEA or Swiss citizens who would like to study in Slovenia.

How can you get it?

You (students) can apply for a temporary residence permit (Article 44 of the Foreigners Act) in Slovenia at the administrative unit where you (will) stay. If you cannot enter Slovenia without a visa, you should request your temporary residence permit at the Slovenian embassy.


If you are submitting the application in Slovenia, make sure to submit the application before the expiry of the valid legal residence (before the expiry of the allowed 90-day residence or expiry of a visa or previous temporary residence permit).


If you will apply at the administrative unit in Slovenia, please check if there is an appointment system in place. Here are some examples:

  • In Ljubljana, you can book an appointment through the phone number of the Administrative Unit where you want to apply or through the application UE Naročanje.
  • In Koper you should make an appointment through the telephone for a personal visit.
  • In Nova Gorica you take a number at the gate through a personal visit.
  • In Maribor please check this website.
  • Please check other administrative units directly or through your institution.

For applying through the embassy, please check the list of competent Slovene diplomatic missions here

When should you arrange it?

If you need a visa to enter Slovenia: as soon as you are enrolled at the university, preferably 3-6 months before your intended arrival.

If you can enter Slovenia without a visa or you already have a visa: apply for a permit before your lawful period of stay finishes (e.g. before the end of the 90-day period or before the visa expiry). 

Time needed

It depends on the Administrative Unit or Slovene diplomatic mission where you apply.

Which documents do you need to submit?

  • Signed application form (.doc, .pdf, example).
  • Valid passport and copy of a valid passport with validity extending beyond the planned period of residence in Slovenia by at least 3 months (photocopy to be certified by a notary, the administrative unit or at the reception desk of the department at Administrative Unit – attach a photocopy and a valid travel document for reference). Where applicable, the border entry stamp in Slovenia, a valid visa or residence permit issued by another EU state must be included in the copy – the date from the entry stamp to Schengen also has to be reflected on the application form (field 13).
  • Personal photo (35 x 45mm, fit for biometric documents).
  • You will be asked for two fingerprints at the Administrative Unit or Embassy.
  • Proof of enrolment.
  • Proof of valid health insurance in Slovenia.
  • Certificate of criminal record from home country. It must not be older than three months. officially translated into Slovene and if applicable apostilled or certified – if you are prolonging the permit, you do not need to submit the criminal records for three years.
  • Proof of sufficient financial means – statement of your parents/legal guardians, if they are obliged to support you by the law of your country or employment contract or sufficient means – currently EUR 484,88 per month or other proof that you have enough funds available (example)
  • Fee (via bank transfer or in person at the registry of the Department for foreign citizens).


  • Fee for issuing or renewing a temporary residence permit for a student (form non-EU countries): EUR 50.00.
  • Application fee: EUR 4.50.
  • Printing for the card: EUR 15.47.
  • Documents and translations.