Ikbala, Bosnia and Herzegovina

UNIVERSITY OF PRIMORSKA Student life in Slovenia gave me everything I expected when I watched American movies about college life after high school. I am a student at the Faculty […] Read more

Tiziano, Italy

UNIVERSITY OF NOVA GORICA:  I got to know about the School of Arts, University of Nova Gorica, during my last year of high school through a friend who at the […] Read more

Studying in Times of Quarantine

North Macedonia
UNIVERSITY OF LJUBLJANA: "Finally, even in spite of the crisis, this mobility so far is turning out to be a great chance for me as a student, to not only learn new things, but also to retrieve some knowledge of things which I have been studying at my home university in Skopje a few years back, but which inevitably went pale with time." Read more


UNIVERSITY OF MARIBOR - Donathan Lawrence Brown is a young American in Europe, a Fulbright visitng professor at the University of Maribor. Read more


UNIVERSITY OF NOVA GORICA - “Good things may happen to those who wait, but the best things happen to those who try and dare to meet challenges” Read more


UNIVERSITY OF PRIMORSKA - Alejandra Ramos is a Mexican from Acapulco living in Slovenia and Slovenia has changed her. Read more


FYR Macedonia
UNIVERSITY OF MARIBOR - University of Maribor as the second largest university in Slovenia offers quality education to young people. Read more


UNIVERSITY OF NOVA GORICA - I loved studying in Slovenia! Read more


UNIVERSITY OF LJUBLJANA - I never considered myself to be a good speaker, but when you have to accomplish something, you don't have time for your fears - you are just going and doing it. "Make it or break it". Read more


FYR Macedonia
UNIVERSITY OF MARIBOR - I recommend the educational system in Slovenia, especially the University of Maribor, because they believe, help and motivate young people for further international success. Read more


FYR Macedonia
UNIVERSITY OF MARIBOR - Studying at the University of Maribor I would like to mention international cooperation, exchanging experiences with people from all over the world, numerous international workshops and competitions... Read more


UNIVERSITY OF LJUBLJANA - Through my stay, I benefited from fantastic education, extraordinary professors and colleges that helped me to extensively broaden my knowledge and my academic excellence. Read more


UNIVERSITY OF LJUBLJANA - I would recommend this kind of exchange program to every student, I think it’s something that we all should have in our experience because it can bring so many new things, habits, contacts in your life, and of course sweet memories. Read more


UNIVERSITY OF LJUBLJANA - I would describe my experience at the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana with the following words – diversity, quality and proximity. Read more


UNIVERSITY OF LJUBLJANA - I am extremely satisfied with the quality of my programme and extracurricular activities provided at the University of Ljubljana – these two segments were crucial in my decision to continue education there. I would absolutely reccomend the University of Ljubljana, because I believe it is a place where you can learn a lot, get a good references; but also have fun and gain new friends. Read more


UNIVERSITY OF LJUBLJANA - It was really great experience to study in Slovenia. I really love it! Read more


UNIVERSITY OF LJUBLJANA - I just want to express my surprise of the cultural and civilizational level of the people living in Ljubljana, and Slovenia at whole. The people are very kind and they shocked me with their care about the environment and public hygiene. Ljubljana is certainly the safest city I have ever visited, which makes it perfect place for foreign students. If I have a chance I will surely visit this lovely city again. Read more


UNIVERSITY OF LJUBLJANA - I got an opportunity to study at the University of Ljubljana and to complete my MBA in this University. Slovenia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, as locals say “Alp’s fairytale”. In my opinion Ljubljana is a unique place in Europe to study, to live and to travel. Read more