Undergraduate student at Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana

FELU is considered to be one of the best institutions in Europe. It is known by its strong educational program. When I came here, I was surprised by how practice and theory are closely correlated: we have a lecture, and immediately we try to implement the knowledge we got. For example, we read a case study (majority of them are made by Harvard), and then we have a simulation of a situation. The aim is to understand how all explained procedures are functioning in the real world. For the same purposes we have a lot of projects: to create and elaborate a prototype of a new product or service, conducting a deep investigation of external and internal forces of the chosen market, to write a business plan and to present the final project. Studying in English also improves the language and communication skills.

My biggest challenge of studying here was the first semester, when I still wasn’t fluent in English due to the lack of practice. However, I was not the only one who faced such problem, and together with my group-mates we were trying to overpass it. I think that we succeeded. My biggest opportunity of studying here was also the first semester, when I suddenly needed to work on team projects and to present them. I never considered myself to be a good speaker, but when you have to accomplish something, you don’t have time for your fears – you are just going and doing it. “Make it or break it”. I cannot say that studying at FELU is difficult for me, but it requires deep understanding of each subject and a lot of effort. For me it is a mark of a high level of education.