Dear all,

It a pleasure to share with you my experience during 6 months stay at the Biotechnical faculty, University of Ljubljana through Ceepus mobility programme. Regarding me, I am a PhD visiting student coming from Belgrade, Serbia.

Slovenia is really wonderful country with lot of green surface, sea side and tasty meals. The exceptional fact that Ljubljana is located at the heart of Europe, and that you can come closer and faster to nearby countries in the region while experiencing it’s reach culture and nature by site seeing and traveling is absolutely intriguing for me. What motivates me the most is that all the information fundamental and applied necessities in administrative units provides really support and potential overcoming of any potential issue. It was lovely to meet such professional, well organized and independent people while also learning to be more independent myself. I definitely was and still am a part of these blistering country by devoting myself into a true and passionate lover of its natural beauty.

Through my stay, I benefited from fantastic education, extraordinary professors and colleges that helped me to extensively broaden my knowledge and my academic excellence. I continually improved by attending different domestic and international congresses which help me to get a grasp of the latest discoveries in the fields I found most interesting. I was supervised on a research project, improved significantly my practical skills and learned so many useful techniques. All this experience was rewarding in so many ways, including meeting with different people, cultures, while interacting with others. Together science, varieties of cultures and traveling became a very important part of my personal development and expression in everyday life.

I am elated about this Ceepus mobility talent excellence program, since it gave me the opportunity to work in a truly innovative and extremely intriguing field of biomedical science industry through development of my future international carrier in state of the art global leader Bionanoteam at the Biotechnical faculty, University of Ljubljana. On the other hand, sweet memories of visiting joyful and incredible places starting from Bled, Bohinj lake, Soca river, Tolmin, Celje, Maribor, Piran, etc. will always stay in my heart. Because of that, I strongly recommend you to study and visit Slovenia in order to feel it’s beauty and positive vibes.

Love you all,
Snezana Jovicic