I was amazed by the level of hospitality at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana. Since I study archaeology I can only speak about that faculty compared to my home institution: great library (with option to scan for free, and copy texts and books), field practice for the students, scientific approach toward the archaeology, better studying program. For the education system, at whole, I can say that I liked the public transport opportunities for the students.

I was able to obtain literature (books, scientific papers) which it was hard to find in my country. I met many foreign students and became familiar with their culture. I was able to practice my English and Croatian language skills in live conversations and to learn few Slovenian phrases.

I just want to express my surprise of the cultural and civilizational level of the people living in Ljubljana, and Slovenia at whole. The people are very kind and they shocked me with their care about the environment and public hygiene. Ljubljana is certainly the safest city I have ever visited, which makes it perfect place for foreign students. If I have a chance I will surely visit this lovely city again.