My name is Askar from the Republic of Kazakhstan. I have recently graduated from the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia (European Union). Probably because of that I was asked to share with you with my experience and to write my own story “Why you should study in EU”.

Perhaps, you will ask me why Slovenia? First of all, I was a grant holder of Erasmus Mundus scholarship within EuroAsianCEA program. I got an opportunity to study at the University of Ljubljana and to complete my MBA in this University. Secondly, Slovenia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, as locals say “Alp’s fairytale”. In my opinion Ljubljana is a unique place in Europe to study, to live and to travel.

During my study, the University was able to provide me with excellent conditions to conduct my research within MBA through perfect library infrastructure, well-equipped classrooms, well-educated and professional academic staff not only from Europe but also from all over the world. In the same time, the University brings together different students from different part of the world and with diverse backgrounds and culture. This kind of approach takes you to the unique inter-national-cultural-ethnical environment, and trust me, it is indescribable feelings.

I was more than happy to be part of such friendly and unbelievable environment. Taking this opportunity, I would like to thank my coordinators – Mojca Maher Pirc and Klavdija Besednjak for priceless assistance and unforgettable memories during my stay in Slovenia.

So, why you should study in EU?! If you want to be international… If you want to get Western knowledge… If you want to explore diversities … if you want to make friends from all over the world … This is your “golden ticket” to get all in one place – EUROPE!

Wish you all the best!